The idea of a place where I could show my work, or some of it, and talk about it was appealing, but not quite appealing enough for a while. Because I make films, and am somewhat obsessed by film itself, as a medium, I was reluctant to show the films digitally more than I had to. But things change. Not only has digital projection become the norm, but my poor films, after their festival lives, have sunk into oblivion, and that’s sad. But the thing that really pushed me into creating a website was the work that came after the films, when children and films became too complex a combination and I started making other things- and made Three Books.

Three Books is equally medium specific- it’s a book, its book nature is its soul, it won’t be a digital publication any day now. But it is a publication, one that I was to talk about, show and sell. And so a place where I can do that, and show my films, and my writing- it all seemed very inviting and necessary.

So- welcome. Please look around. Look at the blog for current thoughts.The books can be bought via my shop. And as I am currently administering every pat of my work, from this site to packaging the books, please let me know if anything isn’t working!